Liquid Dose Manufacturing:

This category of manufacturing is pretty self explanatory, and includes all free flowing fluids.

Working with Liquid dose forms

Pharmavet manufactures a large quantity of liquid dose form products, ranging from oral medications, to insect repellents to shampoos. We can manufacture in bulk (into IBCs) or pack into finished product packaging. Our fill sizes range from 20ml to 20L currently, but we can accommodate a larger range still.

Our liquid filling line can handle a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, and has both round bottle labelling and front-and-back labelling capabilities.

We can fill into tubes or pots, if this is preferable, utilising the tube filler (10ml-250ml capability) (creating a nice finish for shampoos especially).

Packing the finished product, we have induction seal capabilities for the caps, and cartoning and heat shrink wrapping capabilities for the finished products.

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Next Steps...

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