Semi-Solid Dose Manufacturing:

This category of manufacturing catches pastes, gels, ointments, creams and lotions.

Working with Semi-solid dose forms

Pharmavet manufactures a number of semi-solid dose forms, pastes are by far the most common, and most of these are either packed into syringes (of various sizes - from 5g to 80g) or jars.

We have heating and emulsifying capabilities, to enable us to manufacture products of various consistencies, as well as fillers that have heated jackets and stirrers to assist with filling of products that are otherwise solid at room temperature.

Additionally, we have a tube filler that can fill tubes ranging from 10ml to 250ml in volume. Tooling would need to be organised for this machine (depending on tube size), but is reasonably priced and we can assist with this. Tube filling creates a finished product with a beautiful aesthetic.

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Next Steps...

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